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the unbranded self


Want to Share Your Unbranded Experience?

You can send anyone to www.unbrandedself.com to read it for free.

The Unbranded Self is not being marketed, advertised or listed for sale on any retail sites, book stores or via any traditional means of book distribution.

After all—this is not a book.

So how do you get a non-book that has:

  • no cover

  • no author

  • no page numbers

  • no barcode, ISBN or SKU

  • no copyright

  • ...into the hands of those who are meant to enjoy it?

    By asking readers like you to share it. 

    A Project Driven by Friendship, not by Marketing

    Please share the The Unbranded Self on a one-to-one basis with anyone you feel could benefit from the message.

    Please share personally, via direct messaging, friend to friend, human to human, not through mass posts or social media.

    Talk about the impact it had on you and invite them to experience it for themselves.

    Share it:

  • With family.

  • With friends.

  • With colleagues, mentors, teammates, teachers, therapists, counselors, parents, bartenders....you get the idea.

  • You can send anyone to www.unbrandedself.com to read it for free.

    Share your experience of reading The Unbranded Self.

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      Guestbook Comments

      Wow. WOW…

      I really enjoyed reading this.

      Which is to say, I really enjoyed experiencing myself, for once...

      Reading this is an act of meditation.

      Writing it was an act of wisdom, love and courage.

      And for that, I thank you.

      Instead, I set my iCal to read this (and in doing so meditate on myself, enjoying the process of enjoying myself) once a week. 


      Maybe that’s weird. So am I. Guilty as charged. :)

      As I’m sure you already know, this act of meditation dovetails nicely with such titles as “The Untethered Soul,” “The Power of Now,” and “The Four Agreements.”

      But they’re all books. This is an experience.

      BIG difference.

      Larry Urish

      Prescott, AZ

      As the non-author keeps asserting (and she/he/it is absolutely right) - this is not a book.

      In a book, we ride inside a vehicle that we don’t steer, watching and absorbing the sights as they pass by - contiguously, uninterruptedly. “Leave the driving to us."

      In the context of this non-authored non-book, I am not just along for the ride. There is steering I need to do, backwards and forwards, from landmark to landmark. 

      Sometimes there is a monument that goes by just too quickly and I want to steer back for another look, another pass around it.

      Between landmarks, of course, come blank stretches of highway. Boring, perhaps? Something to just be endured, until the next object of interest heaves into sight?

      Time to reach for the coffee or the sugar or the pills just to stay awake?

      No, not in this non-book. Here the real action is in all those non-branded, non-illustrated blank pages. Those blank stretches of highway between landmarks in which - if I'm able to travel them with somewhat steady awareness - I observe my self reflected back to me. 

      I realise that, really, all the landmarks ever did was to remind me of things (at times, quite noble things) that in fact I already knew. 

      Michael Menager


      I want to share this.

      I want everyone I know (and don't know) to experience this.

      That's how unique an this experience this is.

      Try it. You may like it. Maybe even love it. 

      You may want to repeat it every day.

      I do.

      I'm not even sure what "this" is.




      Impactful and moving....

      thank you!!


      Pacific Northwest, USA

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